La Ultima Parada 2016 – Sonido Clash

sonidoclash-825x510LUP 2016 is excited to feature the quintessential sounds of Sonido Clash for the duration of the event in the MHP Garden, aptly renamed the “Sonido De Los Muertos Calavera Cumbia Yard”.  The collective will include super member DJ Roger Mas also known as El Mero Guero of Oakland, California and resident DJ’s Turbo Sonidero and Chatos 1013.  All three residents will be blending a traditional sound, playing vinyl selections along with a more modern the mixes electronic and tropical bass sounds.
The Sonido Clash sound is truly a sound experience to San José.  Part influenced by Mexican Cumbia called “Sonidero” or “Poblana” that regionally derives Puebla and Mexico City, and part influenced by three generations East San Jose sounds, that includes oldies / chicano soul, 80’s hip hop and it’s embedded african roots, freestyle and high energy, and heritage sounds of the neighborhood like mariachi and banda and indigenous drums of Aztec dance Clash is a collective artists, event producers, organizers and activists the presents events the explores the intersection of traditional, modern, and future of the collective Latin sound diaspora.


Approaching each project with careful curation Sonido Clash has established itself as a taste making force in the San José and the greater bay area by bringing artists from all over the globe to it’s region.  After initially launching in the fall of 2009, SC has Strengthening of it’s sound by monthly happenings in collaboration with Universal Grammar’s Live At The Pagoda Music Series at Fairmont San José, and has been a roving sound system in San Jose and cities beyond including San Antonio, Los Angeles, Fresno, Chicago, San Diego, Tijuana, Puebla Mexico, Oakland and San Francisco.

La Ultima Parada doors will open at 12 pm. Cooperacion is $5.00; children ages 10 & under free. Get your tickets now.