La Ultima Parada 2016 – Coro Mexicano

LUP 2016 is pleased to present the School of Arts & Culture’s Coro Mexicano directed by José de Jesús Hernandez.


The School of Arts and Culture’s 2015 Summer Camps saw two maestros join forces to create and perform a music/theater presentation of “El Ropero” and “Los Muñecos” by noted Mexican childrens’ music artist, Francisco Gabilondo Soler, famously known as Cri-Cri. Maestro Jose created a children’s chorus to provide the musical narration for the theatrical presentation, much to the delight of parents and children alike. Thus, the Coro Mexicano class emerged and offers youth ages 8-12 an introduction to music and to their first and primal instrument, their own voice. Utilizing the vast and rich material of Mexico’s musical heritage, Coro Mexicano is a core course for the School of Arts and Culture’s developmental pathway in music learning and is an essential part of Mariachi music study.


Maestro José de Jesús Hernandez has been offering vocal instruction at the School of Arts and Culture s since Fall of 2014, including mariachi vocal style and technique as well as youth choir. He is launching a new course for the Winter 2017 Session, Introduction to Music! for youth who wish to begin studies in voice and or instrument. Originally from Jalisco, Mexico, Maestro Jose began his music studies singing with Guadalajara’s premier boys’ choir, Coro Xochichetzal, Niños Cantores de Guadalajara, among the top children’s choirs in Mexico. Currently, Maestro José studies opera and bel canto with Maestro Carl Franzen. As a sought-after professional mariachi vocalist and guitarist, he remains highly active in the South Bay’s mariachi network.

La Ultima Parada is funded by grants from the City of San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs, The Castellano Family Foundation and our community–YOU!!  Avoid the long lines and buy your ticket TODAY