La Ultima Parada 2017 – Los Mestizos de San Jose

Los Mestizos de San Jose will be one of the dance groups to join us at La Ultima Parada 2017! They will be performing and they will also be a part of the traditional dance of “La Viejada”


In the summer of 1973, several adult folklorico dancers realized that they shared a common philosophy: to assure the children were taught the traditional dances of Mexico. Their mantra: “Only by teaching our youth, the beauty and history of the traditional dances can we assure that the art form will continue and prosper in future generations”. Together the following families— Castro, Gutierrez, Rocha, Rodriguez, and Carrasco created “LOS MESTIZOS de SAN JOSE”.


Since then, Los Mestizos de San Jose has been responsible for teaching thousands of children, many of which have continued throughout their adult lives as dancers, directors and teachers.For more than 25 years Los Mestizos de San Jose was under the directorship of Maestra Theresa Rodriguez, RIP. She is credited as the person responsible for Los Mestizos de San Jose having thrived for over 44 years. In 2004, Maestra Theresa Rodriguez passed on the directorship to Hector Gonzalez and he remains the artistic director to date. 


“La Ultima Parada 2017:  A celebration of Life on the Day of the Dead” will take place at the School of Arts & Culture at the Mexican Heritage Plaza on Saturday, October 28 from 6pm to 11pm & Sunday, October 29, from noon to 8pm.  For full schedule of events, please visit our website at #LaUltimaParadaSJ