La Ultima Parada – Event Artist, Logo & Calavera T-Shirt

La Ultima Parada is fortunate to have a unique logo created especially for this event by LUP Artist, Antonio Sarabia.


The design incorporates the elements that together make up this celebration.  The giant ferris wheel that has become a signature ride at LUP.  On the opposite side, a jarana represents the live musical acts.


A folklorico boot stands in for the dance community.  The heart aflame represents our community and the circuit board icons are a nod to Silicon Valley.


The trolley (teeth) reminds us of our original inspiration for “the last stop”–Jose Guadalupe Posadas “Electric Trolley” in which we can see Muertitos arriving to the end of the line at the cemetery.  It is our hope to include an actual trolley at our event in the coming years.



Ultima Parada T-shirt

La Ultima Parada Calavera T-shirt will be available online for pre-purchase until Thursday, October 26th at midnight.  The remainder of the limited run of 100 shirts will be available, first-come, first-served onsite starting on Sunday, October 28 at noon.





Event Artist

Antonio Sarabia is an educator, graphic design artist, photographer, musician and writer based out of Sacramento, California.  He was born in Mexico City and migrated to California with his family in 1993.  Antonio specializes in digital graphic art and photography. He has worked extensively in video, audio production, serigraphy, and web design.


He holds teaching credential in Commercial Art, Media & Entertainment as well as a Bachelor’s degree in English, graduating Summa Cum Laude in 2004 from California State University Sacramento. He continued studying Literature at CSUS and completed a Master’s degree in May of 2007.


In addition to his design and creative work, Antonio is a Visual Communications, Computer Graphics and Multimedia instructor at Sacramento Charter High School, where he has shared his passion for art and technology with countless high school students since  2004. He also serves a the director of the Sac High Multimedia Lab and The Sac High Annex Recording Studio.


“La Ultima Parada 2017:  A celebration of Life on the Day of the Dead” will take place at the School of Arts & Culture at the Mexican Heritage Plaza on Saturday, October 28 from 6pm to 11pm & Sunday, October 29, from noon to 8pm.  For full schedule of events, please visit our website at #LaUltimaParadaSJ